Aug 16, 2014

Thoughts on Depression

As the world sits back and mourns the loss of Robin Williams, who chose to end his life this past Monday, people are beginning to bring once-taboo subjects into the limelight: depression, and suicide. One one hand, I am glad that people are beginning to take this seriously. On the other hand... I sincerely wish that it didn't take a tragedy like this to bring it about. In this post I will be reflecting back on my own battles with it, as well as reflecting on depression in society in general... If this type of post would be triggering to you, this is a fair warning and head's up.

Aug 10, 2014

Breakfast for DAYS!

I am a huge fan of making meals ahead, and freezing them. So this past weekend, my husband and I bought ingredients and made breakfast. The end result was thirty breakfast sandwiches, and 43 breakfast burritos - yikes! No, I promise we were not trying to feed an army. Instead, we individually wrapped the burritos, and packaged the sandwiches in groups of two, to freeze for later.

As I am finding out, being a nursing mother is difficult. I wake up, and soothe my child as I hurry to get dressed, change him, and then I am on the couch for an hour, nursing. Then I change him again, and dress him for the day, play with him, and before I know it, it is 1:30, and I realize I haven't had lunch, much less breakfast. Oops. That doesn't work when trying to lose weight. So instead, I now have awesome breakfasts! Oh, my husband has them too, since he forgets to eat while on the road, but the biggest hurdle there will be getting him to remember to grab them!

Jun 19, 2014

Ferments & Rambles

OK, so it has been a while. A long while, I really need to take advantage of the precious few moments between when the Bug sleeps at night and when I start tackling everything on my to-do list, and come back here. So much as been going on, between coop building, fermenting All The Things, and general life with a newborn, while learning to be a stay at home mommy.

Apr 26, 2014

Playing with pickling

Hurray! My Pickl-It jars have arrived! I am running around on a mission to pickle All The Things. We are doing up cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, apple slices, garlic and ginger. Oh yeah. Also, a HUGE batch of sauerkraut. I can't wait =) I will post images once we have the first batches set up.

I really enjoy the tang of fermented foods, it has the awesome bonus of also being good for you - win/win!

Apr 9, 2014

Chicken Soup, 2 ways

Well, here we are in late spring, the end of the cold season. After finally getting over the cold that laid both Bug and I low for a while (OK, not fully over it, but I always have a cough after a cold), I figured I would share some chicken soup. I do it two ways... the long and slow, all-day way, and the quick & easy way. I wrote out the fast way after my husband admitted he was intimidated by simmering a chicken carcass, and seasoning everything perfectly. What is nice about the fast version, is that you can pre-measure your spices and leave them sealed in containers. This makes it fool-proof for even the most kitchen-intimidated spouse.

Mar 26, 2014

Keeping up with supply & demand

Who knew that breastfeeding could be so hard? I did! Or at least, I thought I did. It was nothing at all like I had expected, yet once we got there, it was just as rewarding as I had hoped.

All I can say is that if it looks like your little guy or gal will never latch... do not give up hope! We almost lived at the lactation consultant's office for the first week, learning to retrain Bug's swallow reflex with a leaky orthodontic nipple. After that, we had to get him used to having a boob in his face again - AND get rid of his lazy suck habit. It took about 4 weeks until Bug would latch on with any sort of regularity - but when he did... ouch. He had a shallow latch. Back to the lactation consultant. He is now nearly 6 weeks old, and nurses quite well. That's a far cry from waking my husband up in the middle of the night with a screaming baby, and giving him said screaming baby, and a bottle of formula, and going into the other room to cry, myself.

Mar 25, 2014

The big 3-0

Birthdays. Hmmm, yikes. I don't really ever do much for mine, but this year, I turn 30. Is that old? I don't think so, but still, ouch. Maybe 30 is a bit old to be only just starting what my husband and I would like to be a large family. It certainly won't get any easier with subsequent pregnancies.

The great thing about turning 30, however, is all of the knowledge that I have now, that I did not have when I turned 21, the last "milestone" birthday. I'd say I am a hell of a lot smarter now. I am also more responsible. This is a good thing. To celebrate, I get some of my favorite things in life - sushi (Spicy tuna, anyone? Hell yes, please and thank you.) and a nice flavorful drink... something nice to sip through the night, I haven't decided what yet, though. And then there is the ever present snuggles received from the Bug. I would consider him to be worth every second of every year old that I am.

Normally for my birthday, I get a new book (or two... or three... hell, just give me All The Books, and we will be good). Not sure what to get this time. I have a long, long list of books that my mother still has physically, that have not been bought on our Kindle account. or, I could try something new. Decisions! What are your favorite books, or authors? This year, my husband and I are also going to be looking for a nice, petite amethyst, Bug's birthstone. That was a happy surprise, as I am not usually one for jewelry, but I am big on the sentimental things. When we find one, I will be wearing it happily.

So, here's to a nice, low-key, sushi-filled day of reading. And Bug-snuggles.

Mar 24, 2014

Laundry Soap & Cloth Diapering...

Sweet! Cloth diapers! I never imagined I would be so excited about washing out pee-soaked fabric, and spraying poop off more fabric. But, I am. I am enjoying my cloth diapers - at the moment, I have BumGenius and gpants. I plan to order more, from Alvababy.

But it is so not what I had imagined it to be. I didn't think about how hard it would be to do laundry nearly every day with an infant, and hang the diaper shells to dry, and stuff the shells, and.. oh my. My work is really cut out for me, isn't it?

Mar 19, 2014

All The Things...! (pt. 2)

He's here!!! It is my pleasure to announce to you the birth of my son.

February 9th, 2014 @ 6:24am
9lb 6oz - 22in

The full story is posted. However, it is the full story.

Mar 18, 2014

All The Things...! (pt. 1)

Oh boy, there is so much to catch up on, here. For starters, I am no longer pregnant, yay! This post will share my baby shower, and catch you up a bit on the bulk of the reason I've been MIA since November. So much has been gong on, and I feel bad about not posting anything here, at all.